7th of February 2010

Journal:Day Seven

Today I was able to experience how people act to being offered helpful flyers for encouraging women in the community to raise their respect. The results all varied, they went from ladies just refusing to accept a flyer, women just taking the paper and reading it to their car or in their car, and their were some women that read my flyer right on the spot. Mass majority of the women who took the time to read the flyer immediately told me that they agreed with the message in the flyer. I got some pictures of me passing them out at different locations to women; these will be great to include in my product to show. I might pass flyers out again around the beginning of this week, I really want women to spread their confidence and respect for themselves throughout the community.


Journal:Day Six

I had a lot of homework to get done, and tons of errands to get accomplished around the house, and for some clubs today. Talked to my dad about how I want to piece everything together in my project; about me wanting to have good evidence to show what I’ve done. I went to buy my tri-fold tonight so I can start working on putting my product together. I found one piece of literature, which is a poem that I really liked today that I believe will be great to refer to not only for my product, but also in my presentation. And a good friend of mine told me about a girl that he thinks needs some good advice about respect and believing in herself, so he told me he will introduce me to her soon! I hope I can make a positive impact in peoples’ lives…

6th of February 2010

Journal:Day Five

Plans for passing out my flyers are postponed to Saturday because of the nasty rainy weather. I was really enthusiastic about passing them out, so its a bummer that I didn’t get to today. But Saturday will still be a good day for me to pass them out, more women probably will be out in town because it will not be raining. I also am going out to get my tri-fold for my product on Saturday, so I can start working on it after I pass my flyers out. I am so curious to see how people react to my whole project!

4th of February 2010

Journal:Day Four

Today I feel like I took a giant leap towards tackling my crucible because the flyer I typed yesterday I made thirty copies of at the library! I am so glad that everything worked out for me to go, and that make that many copies wasn’t too expensive. Also while I was making all the copies I got to explain to my family about my crucible, and what I am doing to help fix it in our community. Tomorrow I plan on standing outside of Wal-Mart and passing my flyers out to varying women that leave the store. The outcome of how they react to the flyers will affect how many more flyers I print off to pass out on Saturday. I am still looking for that one woman I feel in my heart that I can reach out to, to help have respect for themselves and others.

3rd of February 2010

Journal: Day Three

Today I finally finished typing the final draft of my flyer that I am going to pass out to women around the community about respecting themselves and others. I am really excited to give them out to women, and see people’s reactions. I am going to go to the library tomorrow and finish printing the rest of my copies, and then I am either going to go ahead and pass them out tomorrow or Friday!! And I am still trying to find that one person that I can help respect themselves and others.

2nd of February 2010

Journal: Day Two

Today I got to make final revisions and editing on my flyers. I am considering locations that are flowing with people, so that I can have more options of women to pass the flyers to. I am trying to decide if I have enough paper and ink at my house with my printer to print all the flyers.  If I don’t, I have made an alternative plan to bring a couple of dollars to the library and print if I need to. I think I will print between thirty to forty copies just to test and see how the results will be. I can just hope that people will appreciate the message and pass it on.

1st of February 2010

Journal:Day One

How I am starting off with tackling my crucible of respect with women is by writing a rough draft for my flyers. I am figuring out what I exactly what I want to say, how to say it, the format, and the length of the flyer. I don’t want the paper to be too lengthy, but not too short because I don’t want it to be boring like a book; but I also want deep emotion to be included for the reader. I also need to estimate how many copies I need to make to pass out to people. I want women to understand the importance of their bodies, and how they should respect themselves because they are beautiful.

28th of January 2010

My Crucible

I really don’t like it when women disrespect their bodies, and when they disrespect the people around them. Its so significant that women learn that we are beautiful and strong figures, and we should strive to keep that reputation. I am going to tackle the crucible of women and disrespect by not only reaching out to at least one person who needs advice, but also make flyers encouraging women to be all they can be and not to settle for less. I hope that women in this age can accept the importance of respect.

27th of September 2009

Dream Statement

My dream is similar to rachel’s dream, I want to make an impact on peoples’ lives. I want to write books and travel the world, and just maybe be able to help others in need. I want people who have or still are living in rough conditions to be able to turn to my books, and just sit reading, getting lost throughout the pages. And I believe I can do this because through my writing people can relate to each other, feel each others’ pain, just stop and take the time to try and understand each other. Like Jewel states in “Hands” (My hands are small I know But they’re not yours, they are my own), and I choose to make major accomplishments with these small hands of mine.

19th of September 2009

This image is significant in The Great Gatsby because one of the major themes showed at the end of the book is that love is impossible. Society tried and still tries to paint this picture perfect image of love and marriage. Even though throughout Gatsby most of the married couples were having love affairs, pretending their marriages were genuine when they were far from that. This image shows a heart connected in scattered pieces, but still not whole. Love in Gatsby is just for show, its nothing in essence of being real, but just a fairytale flick that everyone tries to fit themselves into.

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